Towards the end of 1972 an enthusiastic group of interested yachties decided to form an Association to cater for the needs of those people currently building and sailing the larger type of Hartley Trailer-Sailers. Before long the Hartley TS18-21 Association became very popular with people who had other classes of trailable yachts until eventually the number of people who sailed other classes of yachts outnumbered the Hartley sailors and it was felt that there was a need to form two groups; the Trailable Yacht Club of Victoria and the Hartley TS18-21 Association of Victoria

After some years the two groups went their separate ways, and although the TYCV became defunct, the Hartley group continues on as the Hartley TS18-21 Yacht Club Incorporated. A few of our members sail trailer-sailers of other designs with us, but still support the Hartley concept and enjoy the camaraderie of our club. The club is affiliated with Yachting Victoria.

We are a mixed bunch of seafarers of varying ages and from various walks of life
with differing levels of sailing experience – our one common thread being our passion
for life afloat and our enjoyment of all things nautical. Our extensive membership base means we can offer expertise in the numerous fields associated with Hartleys and sailing in general. Our sailing events, both racing and cruising, are held at various venues
throughout Victoria.

We hold committee meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. (except in December and January) All members are welcome to attend these sociable gatherings. Our meetings can be held in various suburbs of greater Melbourne. Our links to our members are through our monthly newsletter ‘Windward’ and our web site.