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A page for interests outside the boating scene. If you do “other things”, skydive, collect pet rocks, are you an artist, a world traveller perhaps?

This page is here to share your interests, not a blog, just an info and put it out there site. Please email me articles or photos if you wish to have them on this site.

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I was a little involved in beekeeping as a young lad, just a couple of years ago whilst still at school. When girls came along the bees had to go. Fast forward….

Just before retirement I became interested in bees again and joined a beekeeping club. Over six years this has become a major interest for me. I now have hives in Cheltenham and Beaconsfield and present a beekeeping course 2 days a month at The Briars, Mt Martha. I volunteer help to Busy Bees Honey which gives honey to charities for fund raising. This means going out each Tuesday to manage bee hives spread around Mornington Peninsular in private gardens.

Conv_IMG_1624The Bee Hives at Cheltenham in my garden. They have been in place for about five years, usually producing around 60kgs of honey each hive per hive. Last year was very poor with little honey produced.Hopefully better this year.



Conv_IMG_1622Late winter, a few bees are coming and going despite the days cool damp weather. The Beaconsfield bees are located more in the bush and have a later start finding nectar. a quick look last week, end of October, showed they were strugglingto find food.

If the weather improves enough I will rob some honey from my Cheltenham bees and relocate to the Beaconsfield bees.

N.B. This does have implications with new bio-security rules in place but I know all my bees are healthy

Conv_Balnarring Fair Oct 15Demonstrating at Balnarring Sustainability Fair with the bee club I belong to. (with Lindsay). I don’t wear sandals normally when working the bees!